Semi-Flexible Solar Panel

Flexible solar panel specifications: 

(The semi-flexible solar panel are made of highly efficient A-grade Monocrystalline "Sunpower" solar cells inserted in a unique polymer that result in flexibility and significant weight reduction.These panels has no metal frames,So they are extremely lightweight.It can be fixed on curved surfaces for its flexibility.

It can work up to 25 years.

Quality Warranty: 5 years.

A 200W Flexible solar panel weighs only about 3KG. 1KW(5pcs x 200W) flexible solar pane system  weighs only about  15KG-16KG.And the installation is easy! Even Campers can use  1KW flexible solar panel system to supply power to electrical appliances in the wild!! 


    WP Vpm Apm Voc Isc Size(mm) Weight(KG)
   5W 6V 0.84A 7.06V 0.90A 180x180x3  0.075
   10W 12V 0.83A 12.12V 0.89A 350x180x3 0.15


18V 0.83A 21.18V 0.89A 500x180x3  0.225
 20W 20V 1.02A 23.53V 1.10A 350x350x3 0.3
30W 18V 1.67A 21.18V 1.80A 500x350x3 0.45
 40w 20V 2.05A 23.52V 2.16A 660x350x3 0.6
45w 18V 2.50A 21.17V 2.17A 500x500x3 0.675
50w 20V 2.51A 23.52V 2.70A 850x350x3 0.75
60W 36V 1.68A 42.35V 1.80A 660x350x3 0.9
75W 37.5V 2.01A 44.11V 2.16A 660x500x3 1.125
80W 32V 2.49A 32.64V 2.69A 850x500x3
















120W 72V 1.67A  84.70V 1.80A 1000x500x3   1.8
140W 70V 2.00A  82.35V 2.16A 1450x500x3   2.1
150W 75V 2.02A 88.23V 2.17A 1650x500x3     2.25
160W 72V 2.28A 82.35V 2.46A 1350x660x3    2.4
180W 72V 2.50A 84.69V 2.70A 1500x660x3    2.7
200W 75V 3.35A 70.59V 3.62A 1650x660x3



   250W      75V       3.33A    80.22V    3.60A     1650x850x3       3.75

   300W      90V       3.33A    105.88V   3.61A     1650x1000x3      4.5

   490W      6.80A    84.71A    84.71V    7.34A     1990x1350x35     7.35

(1) easy installation, just spread it over the surface.It is integrated with the building and add beauty to  the appearance of the house. Don't need any mounting racks.Lightweight.convenient to carry and transport. According to the above spec, a typical 1000W(10pcs x 100W) solar panel system weight only: 16 KG.At this weight,campers can carry 1KW system outside.


By comparison, 1KW (non-flexible)A-grade  monocrystalline solar module system(5pcs x 200W ) with mounting support racks  totally weight about 200KG,it is  heavy structure,in the United States, its installation labor cost is even higher than that of the solar system.


(2)wide applications: ,it can be applied to home or commercial solar power systems,any  electric vehicles (such as cars,boats,ships,caravans),emergency situations(such as disaster rescue effort in earthquake) ,military and marine field,campers ,workers  in the  remote areas etc.


 Military and mining 
• Emergency power supplies
• Remote data collection
• Portable home and containers
• Safety lighting
• Golf buggies
• Navigation lights
• Power for billboards and advertising
• Back up car charger
• Electric vehicles
• Farming applications
• Raft power

Flexible solar panel application on cars and ships
Flexible solar panel application on cars and ships
Easy installation,spread over the roof.
Easy installation,spread over the roof.
solar roof power sysem
solar roof power sysem