Solar roaster/Solar BBQ

Solar roaster/Solar BBQ

Model No.︰SR-A

Brand Name︰TEK

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Its Features


Its legs are foldable, can be put into bag.easy to carry.Its package size: 850mmX260mmX260mm.So It's portable.

Traditional BBQ produces some black chemicals that are harmful  to people's health ,even carciogenic!.An US research center proves that the toxicity of eating a charcoal drumstick equals to that of smoking 60 pcs cigarettes.
 For this product, the process of roasting is done inside the stainless steel tube, and it produces no harmful chemical substances,no black chemicals can be seen. Don't need fire.So  It has no risk of fire accident in the forest.
3. Nutritious 
In the roasting process of traditional BBQ,  Vitamin, protein, amino acid are damaged through flavors volatilizing. The oven takes sunlight as its thermal source, which not only help to save nutrition, but also  make food more delicious. 

The roasting time is 20-40 minutes(depending on the strength of sunshine. The temperatue inside the tube can reach 180-400 F degrees.

You can roast chicken,beef,pork.rices.etc at any place where there is sunshine.It's green product. Don't need any fuel or electricity.
Product parameter: 
Size:L77*H51cm(pipe inner dia 7cm)
Reflector: PET reflector(93*50cm)
Material: plastic+reflective sheet
Package:86*26*31cm of wooden carton
20'container: 400 pcs

Payment method︰ T/T in advance(HSBC)

Min Order︰ 100 sets

Ship Date︰ 5-25 days after the receipt of payment

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