60W CIGS Rollable Solar Panel

60W CIGS Rollable Solar Panel

Model No.︰CIGS-60W

Brand Name︰OEM

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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Product Description


Rated Power:  60W

Rated Voltage (Vmp):   9.5V

Rated current (Imp): 6.3A

Open Circuit Voltage(VOC):  12.2V

Short Circuit Current( ISC): 7.48 A

Size: 1660mm x 356mm



CIGS Flexible Modules VS .Silicon Solar Panel

CIGS  Rollable Module

Silicon Solar Panel


  • Can fit around curved structures
  • Can be integrated into materials


  • Not bendable
  • Requires racking to install


  • No retrofitting required
  • Can be used in applications such as consumer goods where weight is a concern


  • Roofs require reinforcement to support weight


  • Won’t break / Resistant to vandalism
  • No risk of microcracks to cells


  • Can shatter
  • Cells can develop microcracks

Bonded Directly to Surface

  • Lower installation costs
  • Resistant to theft

Requires Mounting Hardware

  • Drives up installation costs
  • Subject to theft

Thin —2mm – 3mm

  • Unobtrusive
  • Superior wind resistance

Thick —40mm – 50mm

  • Visible
  • Subject to wind uplift

Aesthetically Pleasing

  • Uniform “black-tie” appearance
  • Dark interconnect wires


  • Checkerboard appearance
  • Bulky paneling does not conform to the roof


  • 360W form factor for large TPO installations
  • More watts per KG

Not as powerful

  • Traditional 60-cell house module 260 – 290 watts
  • Utility sized 72-cell field module is only 290—310W


  • FLEX modules are lightweight – won’t injure people or property in high wind or earthquake
  • No cell degradation at high voltage
  • No grounding wires to corrode

Dangerous in environmental emergencies

  • Metal racks + box modules can damage people and property in an earthquake
  • Metal racks + box modules hazardous in the event of wind pull-off

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